Your Website is Effected From Google Update - What To Do Know !!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Well Every One Know GOOGLE is a Daddy of Internet , so This Daddy is Improving Day by Day.After Google Updates Known As Panda/Penguin Updates Many Website Effected , Many blogs Hist Badly by This Update,they Lose visitors and Ranking too..!!

What is GOOGLE Panda/Penguin Updates?

We All Known Google is Very Power Full Search Engine and Google's Update its Self or Add Some New Features in his Search Result For Better and Unique Result :) . These updates Kill Spam and Provide a Original Result to its Clients.Those Google's Algorithms Called Google's Panda/Penguin Updates.

How Recover After Google Updates Hits Your Website ??

Now the Question is that  , Now What to do after Update Hits Your Website and How to Recover and Get Back Visitors or Ranking you Lose..!
I am Telling you Some Serious Tips to Improve After GOOGLE update.

  • Remove Paid Links :
Yes! Remove All Links From Your website , From which You Earn Some dollars , its time to Remove Them Now. Google Known every Thing , Google Easily find that these Links Are Paid,So Please Remove All Paid Links From your Websites, this is First Step After This Now What to Do Next..!
  • Avoid Paid Linking :
If You Purchase Paid Linking On Other Website or Forums then Remove it Now,it will Hurt Your Ranking so Much. Do not buy and Paid Links on HIGH Page Rank Blogs or Website.Google Hates Paid Linking, Remove it Now and Go to Another Step.
  • Quality Backlinks :
Quality Backlinks , Yes Why Not.. Quality Backlinks Are Very Helpful For Your Ranking , Create Some Gold Quality Backlinks Your Self :) & Add Your Website to Social bookmarking Websites for Social Fan Following.

These Are Some SEO tips to Improve From GOOGLE's Update :).. I hope You Will Like My Artical , If I missed Any Tips Regarding this Post Let Me Know...

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