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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Improve SEO and Ranking of Your Website
Learn SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of improve the visibility of a website or a web page in any search engine search results. In general,SEO is a technique that helps search engines to find and provides good rank to your site. It also helps in increasing the number and quality of visitors through search.

There is no exact definition of search engine optimization. As there is no standard to find the correct or accurate definition of search engine optimization. Hence, lacking the ability to measure the accuracy or correctness of any definition for search engine optimization we find ourselves in the unfortunate position of sharing many different definitions of search engine optimization. For good Search Engine Optimization we use some techniques and strategy to maintain our site in top  ranking in the search engines. Search Engine Optimization requires concentration and regular updating.

Methods for good SEO of your site:

  • Getting links from other sites:
Google crawler visit from site to site over the internet by following hyperlinks. Google Page Rank algorithm add votes for site by counting number of links a site has pointing to it from related/unrelated sites. Thus your sites can be upgraded by increasing number of links to your site. All votes are not equal, Google gives good weight to votes from the sites it view as more important.

  • Internal links:
 Your site should be well organized and should be easily navigated. A site map is very helpful to the visitors and Google crawler navigate your site. If your site's sitemap page have more than 100 links then you can break your pages into relevant parts. Also there should not be any broken links into your site because Google Crawler does not like this.

  • Meta Tags:
 Meta Tags are the information about data. They are hidden HTML codes that are inserted into the header of a web page. They contains important items such as relevant keywords that describes the content of the site and also description of a site that shows up when a search engine returns it search. Your Meta Tags should accurately describe your site content.

  • Keywords:
  Keywords are the most important component for any search engine. It is word or phrase that user might type in search engines to find the site. You should be aware that your site content include these words and phrases and these are also included in your meta tag information. Always use two or three-words phrases as it is easy to rank and generate traffic.
  • Avoid Excessive Display of Ads :
If you would know the Google latest announcements, You must know the site with excessive ads consider as poor quality even if your site contains good quality content.
Due to excessive ads visitors have to scroll down to finally view the relevant contents on the page. According to Google, this type or layouts annoys the users and thus the web search companies may penalize those websites for any search results.
Optimizing your site according to these guidelines will definitely help you in improving the website's health and its SERP. Also be patient after optimization of your site it will take some more time to see meaningful progress.

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