Improve Alexa Ranking in Just a Month

Friday, 28 September 2012

Improve Alexa Ranking in One Month :

Hello Readers, Today I am Going to share Some Facts and Tricks about Alexa,Every blogger Want to Improve His Alexa Ranking but Alexa Ranking is Not a Big thing For SEO or for Traffic, Yes You think Alexa Helps you to Gain traffic , No no The blogs or Websites Only attracts Alexa who Have Large Volume of Traffic, if you Have a Quiet Nice Traffic Then Alexa will give You Ranking, not Alexa Ranking Will give You a 1st Place on Search Engines.

So Alexa Ranking is Not a Big Problem if You have a Firefox :) Yes, I have a Trick to Gain a Alexa Ranking in just Month .Alexa collect Result From its toolbar how Much Websites is Browsing by a visitor Using Alexa Toolbar. so You just have a toolbar and a Script!

Follow Some Steps and Enjoy !!

  • First Install Alexa Toolbar From Alexa Website
  • Now install it on Your Browser
  • Now Save the Below Script Anywhere in your Computer As a HTML File i.e Alexaranking.html
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.2" type="text/javascript"><!--
        function reload(){
            var strI=document.stored.Arrayvalue.value;
            var str = new Array(20);
            // insert target URLs between quote marks in array items below.
            // To add or remove the total number items in the array, add
            // lines to or remove lines from the array below and
            // modify the number in "Array()" above and "strI" below to
            // be one greater than the last "str[]" value below.
            str[1]   = "Add Your Link";
            str[2]   = "Add Your Link";
            str[3]   = "Add Your Link";
            str[4]   = "Add Your Link";
            str[5]   = "Add Your Link";
            str[6]   = "Add Your Link";
            str[7]   = "Add Your Link";
            str[8]   = "Add Your Link";
            str[9]   = "Add Your Link";
            str[10]  = "Add Your Link";
            str[11]  = "Add Your Link";
            str[12]  = "Add Your Link";
            str[13]  = "Add Your Link";
            str[14]  = "Add Your Link";
            str[15]  = "Add Your Link";
            str[16]  = "Add Your Link";
            str[17]  = "Add Your Link";
            str[18]  = "Add Your Link";
            str[19]  = "Add Your Link";

                if( strI==20){
                document.stored.Arrayvalue.value= strI;
                var intNumber=Math.round(Math.random()*45000);

</head><body onload="reload();">
    <form name="stored"><input type="Text" name="Arrayvalue" value="1"></form>

  • Replace Your Link in the Script and save it !
  • Open the Page and Press f-5 for Reload.
  • Your Page is Reload 20 times and then Restart.

Note :

This Script is Not Made By Me ,I just found on Internet some where so i am Not a Owner or Creator of this Script :)

Just Enjoy and Have a Alexa Ranking !!

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