What is Do Follow Backlinks

Monday, 22 April 2013

What is Backlinks and Importance of Backlink :

Backlinks Are Most powerful Section of SEO, So if you Want to Make your SEO Successful Then You Have To Make High Quality Backlinks.
There Are Two Types of Backlinks.

  1. Do-Follow Backlinks
  2. No-Follow Backlinks
How Create Do Follow Backlinks

Do Follow Backlinks : 
  Do-Follow Backlinks are Those Backlinks which Help your Website or Blog to Get Ranking in Search Engines , They got Importance In SEO , Because Search Engine spider Will Crawl Do Follow Links, if Any Website which have Nice Ranking and Traffic Stats , and Allow you to Create Do Follow Link on Their Website , Then Its mean its Gold Quality Backlink For Your Website and Your Website Get Nice Response From Search Engines.

How to Create a Do Follow Link : 

By Default When you Comment on a Blog its Consider a Do Follow Link But Some Authors Change Comment Setting and Make All Comments As No Follow Link.So The Attribute is Available For this Purpose.

<a href="http://URL.com" rel="dofollow">Keyword</a>  

rel="dofollow" is the Attribute use in a Linking Tag.This Will Help Search Engine's Spider To Crawl Your Link On other website Easily. If You Got 1 Do-Follow Backlink , its better then a 50 No-Follow Backlinks :)

So Always Use This While Making The Backlinks,Also Note That Create 6-8 Backlinks of Each Keyword Daily Do Not Spamming Google Hates It. Happy SEO!!

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