Internal Linking - Now Much Important For SEO

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Internal Linking - Now Much Important For SEO

SEO Most Important Work in Web World , Without SEO of Your Website/blog you Never Become a Brand or Famous Blogger. Well In SEO there are some Important Factors Exist in Which Internal Linking is Now Become Most Important to Rank up Your Blog or Website.

In Latest Updates of GOOGLE SEO , Google now Prefer Internal Linking then Creating Thousands of Backlinks. So today in This Artical i Will Teach You how To create a Internal Linking for Creating your Website most Suitable For Rank up !

What is Internal Linking ?

Internal Linking is Link which is Created in Artical or on Your Own Website's Home Page and these link are connected with your own Websites Artical or internal Pages, Must Create 3-4 Internal links in Each Artical , 1 must backlink to Home Page with Home page Keyword and Rest 2 Backlinks to Relevant Niche (Must Keyword). You Can See Live Example in This Artical, i Create SEO Internal Link and also One Home Page Link in This Page !

Effect of Internal Linking ?

The Most Powerful Effect of Internal Linking is Repeat Visiting of GOOGLE bot/Crawler , This Revisiting of Google Bot Make Your Website More Stable and Google will Give You More Authority. Google Bot Also Visit The Internal Pages of Your Website and then Again Come to Home page then Again in Internal Page and So On...!
Google Also Prefer Those Website which Do Internal Linking , and Thats How your Website Score in Google also Increase !

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