How Create Robots Text File For your Website

Friday, 20 December 2013

What is Robots.Txt File and How Important is it For SEO.Well Every Bot of Search Engine First Access Your Robots File For Information,Its a Guide File for Search Engine Bot of Your Website.

Robots File Contain Directions For Bot You can Set Permissions For Any bot or Specific One.Just Like if Your Want to Hide Images Directory From Google Bot You can Instruct Google Bot No index My Images Folder . For Example

user-agent: googlebot
disallow : /images/

Just Like This if You want to Index Only One Image from Your Image Directory Then You can Write it Like This.

user-agent: googlebot
disallow : /images/
Allow : /images/yourimagename.jpg

This is Only For Google Bot if You want to Set it For Every Search Engine then You Can use "*" against the User Agent Field. i.e user-agent: *
 Well Now i am Going to Show How You can Make Effective Robots text file For Website Or Blog.

user-agent: *
Disallow: /?=search
Allow: /

sitemap :
This is Simple But Effective For Your Website.All Bot Will Index your Website but not your Search Queries and then You can Avoid From Duplicate Page Indexing. if You Need Any Help Regarding This Topic you Can Comment and Also Mail Me.

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