Some Black Hat SEO Techniques You Must Know When Blogging !

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Black Hat SEO , Timing Consuming SEO But so Bad for Your Website if Google Catches You.No Doubt Black Hat SEO Works So Fast and Boost Your Site With in a Few Months But Google Hat Unethical Way to Rank Your Website.
Some of Black Hat SEO Techniques which is used by Many Others Webmaster and Ignore Violation of Google's TOS !
Some Black Hat SEO Techniques You Must Know When Blogging !

I will Describe Following Points which You must Avoid to use Them.

  • Content Spining
  • Keyword Stuffing (Excessive Use of Keywords)
  • Hidden Content
  • Affiliates Links in Footer
  • Low Quality Content
  • Link Stuffing
  • Over Optimized Anchor Tags
I wrote Some of Unknown Bad Techniques of Black Hat SEO.These Tricks are Part of Black Hat or Unethical Way To Ranking up Your Blog or Website.Must Avoid Them. Now I will Describe these Points One by one For Your Guide and You Get These Points Easily.

Content Spining : 

The Duplicate Content But Spin It Through Software just Changing of Words Not Meaning is Called Content Spining !
For Example 
"GOOGLE is Search Engine" and Spin Sentence is "Google is Online Software Which Provides you Search Results"

Keyword Stuffing : 

Keyword Stuffing is So Common Now a Days . Google Allow 2% Keywords Density in One Web Page Means in 100 Words Article only 2 Keywords But If You Use 20 Keywords in 100 Words then Google Will Consider it "Keywords Stuffing" . So Do Not Use It Also.

Hidden Content :

Some Webmasters Use Some Text Color and Background Color of Web Page , So The Content Will Hide and Not Visible For User But Google Robot See it and Consider it Part of Coding and give Ranking To That Page But Google Catch It Soon and then Penalize Your Website Completely !

Affiliates Links in Footer :

Google Hates Adverting or Paid Link Building So Do Not Use Affiliates Link on  Footer Google Will Penalize your Website. Its Against the TOS of GOOGLE.

Low Quality Content :

Write Low Quality Content , Poor Grammar and Misspelled Words Make Your Website Scary For Google. So He will Ban Your Website.

Link Stuffing : 

Excessive Use of Links In One Page Also Unhealthy For Your Website.

Over Optimized Anchor Tags :

You Can Also Optimized Your Anchor Tag For Better SEO of your Link. Like You Can Add Title and Description its Example.

"<a Title="Your Title of Link" href=""Your Links" />Your Anchor Tag</a>"

But Over Optimizing Your Anchor Tag is Bad For Your Website Health.

So These Techniques Are Bad and Much Effective and Also Unknown Black Hat SEO Points. So I hope You Will Implements This On Your Web Page For Health and Ranking.

Stay Tuned and Sharing is Caring ! :)

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